Sharp-focus vs. Stress

Sharp Focus: an intro to Restorative Environments: non-pharmacological medicine powered by Lux Aeterna


Restorative: achieving better business performance

An original method based on the right combination of colors, sounds, laser light interference effect putting into a practice is already yielding quite an impressive results.

Sleeping Well Relaxation Meditation Skills

Let go your feelings… Let them swim, sail away without returning… Release all the needless out… so that it will not return to you.

Video: VGoray


Eastern and Western medicine fusion, contemporary art,

science and

nowadays technology

Towards  drug-free medicine

color combinations

To raise our mood

A wonderful team of like-minded people, physicists, engineers and humanities with a broad outlook and inexhaustible enthusiasm, and all of them, in search of raising our mood, would seem to be completely banal things known to everyone since childhood – cavalcades of color, optical refractions, noises of a virgin nature and even aromas. Absolutely guaranteed – our fears are moving away more and more. It is perfectly combined with drug treatment. Constant “consumption” fortunately, in this case, is not harmful to health. Prof. Yuriy Andrashko, MD, PhD., DrSc. European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) member, Hungarian Academy of Science

September-2015. Place: Laboratory of Space Research of Uzhgorod National University. Mobile Planetarium, a night relaxation room installment.

Relaxation on top level

Something very interesting thing is happening today within the walls of our faculty. Then we go any further – the dean Dr. Gergely Fabian greeted the audience.

starting series of therapeutic seances at faculty of health care

Lux Aeterna Theatre and the Health Care Faculty of Debrecen University has presented series of therapeutic laser-light-music  seances in Nyiregyhaza, Eastern Hungary, June 2014


University of Debrecen, Therapeutic Light-Music Theatre presentation, 2014


Dr. Erika Borbenyi, oncologist, chief doctor, National Institute of Oncology, Budapest: The approach of the Lux Aeterna Therapeutic appears to be extremely original, its potential role in the rehabilitation of the seriously ill is hard to overestimate. I myself feel like after the hypnosis session.

Series of therapeutic laser-light-music  seances directly at Saint Katalin Nursing Home, Nyiregyhaza, Eastern Hungary, September 2014.


Audience research, 70 older men and  women at age 50-70 years, short interviewing of each participant by Dr. Endre Horvath, psychiatrist, head doctor, audience measurement (heart rate and blood pressure), interview by physicians and nurses of the Nursing Home before and after the 25 minute seance.

Summary of research: in all those present clearly can be observed increasing of mood and improvement of state of health.

Therapeutic laser-light-music  seance directly at Nagykallo Santa Kalman Psychiatric Hospital and Debrecen University Teaching Hospital for 32 doctors and nurses headed by the Head Physician Dr. Agnes Erdelyi.


Summary of event: in all those present clearly can be observed increasing of mood and exponent of relaxation.

Study the possibility of the use of Lux Aeterna seances for relaxation of hospital staff working in very difficult conditions with gravely ill patients, Nagykálló, Eastern Hungary, September 2014.

Relaxation anti-stress seance inside multiplex movie theater at Nyir Plaza Cinema City


Open discussions, interviews with the audience, in the presence of theater members, content creators, as well as doctors. October, 2014.

Urban Laser-Sound Therapeutic Theatre presentation at Crown Hall of Korona Hotel, Nyiregyhaza, County Town, April 2014

invitation-crown-hall   hotel-korona-nyiregyhaza

Conclusion of group of family doctors ( 11 physicians and 2 pharmacologists) attending at the presentation: We can not only manage, but also prevent the majority of psychosomatic disorders. Lux Aeterna expertly created seances imperceptibly cure the present body and soul, creates the harmony of man’s inner and outer world.

Therapeutic Downtown Delight Laser-360-Sound


Seances by Lux Aeterna and ITMO University at First Russian Lights Festival LumiFest in St. Petersburg, October 2015.

Harmless treatment


Dr. Vladi Spenik, therapist & sound designer; family doctor in Törökbálint (a town in Pest county, Hungary) keyboardist, composer: Society, the medical industry, health care should move to harmless treatment, rehabilitation of many diseases as soon as possible. Lux Aeterna light-musical therapy seances indicates the correct way to do this.

Lux Aeterna Laser-Music 360° content at Moscow International Architectural Exhibition


Say no tensity – relaxation in an urban surroundings. VGoray (ITMO University-Lux Aeterna) mobile 360° stand at Arch-Moscow Exhibition, May 2015, Moscow.


Throughout the exhibition the laser-sound installation under 3m cupola was attended by about a thousand visitors.

Lasers and drug-free medicine: ITMO University and Lux Aeterna Theatre 360° show-space.


International Congress Lasers and Photonics 27 June – 1 July 2016, St.-Petersburg

Raw sensory impact

dr-endre-horvath   Dr. Endre Horváth, Chief Psychiatrist at many hospitals  for 40 years

Dr. Endre Horváth, psychiatrist, head doctor: Despite its name, Lux Aeterna formulates no dramatic happenings, but raw sensory impacts, a specific ensemble of emotional and mood states as well as it dynamic changes.

Top level full-dome relaxation inside 10m mobile geo-planetarium


VKfest (VKontakte Festival), July 2015, St.-Petersburg, Russia

It should be prescribed the recipe for Lux Aeterna Therapeutic

kiraly-b-gyorgyi   Király B. Györgyi, Chair, Hungarian Age Control Society

After the light-music therapeutic seance discussions at the Healthcare Department were held  and one of the family doctors said that one third of the population suffers psychological problems. And it would be very useful to have such a therapy. It allows us to forget the daily stress. Moreover, it is recommended for the medical staff (doctors and nurses) as well, who are suffering from burnout syndrome day by day. Most contributors stated that it should be prescribed a recipe for such a kind of seances.  It can be excellently suitable for those who are ill and healthy as well. All of them will forget their mental problems and finding peace return home tranquil.

An experiment with a promising future. Starting therapeutic theatre project, Kyiv 23 m planetarium, 2005


What I saw today here inside astronomical institution has made on me and my wife a very positive impression. Union of lasers and musical sounds in a given architectural environment of the huge planetarium dome can not fail to force me to reflect on the therapeutic component of the Lux Aeterna Theater plays, – Prof. Ivan Smolanka, head doctor, Ukrainian National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The World Surrounding Us was Born from Sound and Color, Daniel A. Freedman  – a page about the origins of the Nature of Color


Daniel A. Freedman: A close observation of sound and colors combinations that surround us in daily life, can serve as a starting point, if not the exact answer, to issues relating to our health condition.

The healing happens here

V. Kolyadenko: After Lux Aeterna séance I asked myself a question: who is that who heals? The answer was both hard and easy: we, graduate doctors are only saving lives, but the healing happens here…

prof-dr-kolyadenko-volodymyr   Kyiv Planetarium, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2005

Prof. Volodymyr Kolyadenko, MD, Academician, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) member

Lux Aeterna in medical approach


Following the procedure of “State of Health-Activity-Mood” a positive trend in terms of “State of health”, “Activity”, “Mood” occurs on the total sample and for a group of men. In women’s group there is a decrease in “Working ability” with increasing rates “Activity” and “Mood”.
Evaluation of anxiety with the help of the Luescher Color Test scale “Anxiety” and Zung self-rating depression  scales shows that after the relaxation session anxiety is reduced in women’s and the men’s groups. Thus, at given groups it is proved the efficiency of Lux Aeterna Therapeutic method relaxation in reducing anxiety.
In physiological tests “Immunity” the following data were obtained. The average value of the reaction time for both groups shows reduction, which also indicates the relaxation effect and anxiety reduction, but increased the coefficients of accuracy factors on both groups. The data obtained by this method may indicate that after the relaxation session at the testee anxiety decreases, the testee became more careful and due to this accuracy action increases.
On this day researches on the effectiveness of Lux Aeterna Therapeutic method have been carried out on a group of 31 people (15 women and 16 men aged 17-22 years). The measures of the performance were made before and after the five-minute effect.

Tests were carried out by experts of the Department of Clinical Psychology at First Medical University of St. Petersburg State Medical University

St. Petersburg, ITMO University indoors, 2015-June-20.
Research Supervisor: Nikolai Matveyev, PhD in Technical Science, Associate Professor at ITMO University.


Study on Lux Aeterna Theatre Relaxarium at 3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM 2016

3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM 2016
N.Matveev, E. Sitkina, I.Salogubova, M. Pashkevich
Monday 26 September 2016 by Libadmin2016

References: 3rd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM 2016,, SGEM2016 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-71-1 / ISSN 2367-5659, 24 – 31 August, 2016, Book 19 Vol. 1, 149-154pp, DOI: 10.5593/SGEMSOCIAL2016/B12/S02.019

The study is devoted to search of means for reduction of stress at work places. Results of the pilot study of light & sound performances of the Lux Aeterna Theatre effect on reduction of a person’s anxiety level presented. Assessment of the anxiety level change was conducted on the Luescher Color Test and on the Zung self-rating depression scale. Reduction of the anxiety level confirmed in the group of 31 persons (p<0.12). Keywords: Mental health, occupational therapy, visual arts



Abstracts of international research-to-practice conference. Lighting Design — 2016. Theme: Light. Space. Time.

lighting-design-research-to-practice-conference   Research-to-Practice

Daniel A. Freedman: In the city, step by step, we are building a new type of space, the original
architectural dominants; environment in which the stress from whatsoever — study, work, family — is dissolving without a trace. Spaces of the Future, in which for artistic light and sound there will be a lot more space in our life than there is now…

In these theses author proposes to continue the actual topic and consider the issue through the introduction of certain audio-visual islands directly on a city streets, squares. The small island, which the author has given a conditional name “Sanitary Theatre”, is located directly on the pedestrian zone in the form of a corridor, some passing premise, where, following a pre-planned our route, we step on slowly moving path and get into the enclosed space. Walls of sound-absorbing panels completely cut off us from the city sound background. At the same time, it is possible to fill this space with own original audio and/or sound, light, sound, color content. As it is known, Lux Aeterna Theatre studios successfully creates such a content over the past 35 years. If you wish, Sanitary Theatre can become a kind of an “intimate” space (without the need to allocate separate time in the daily schedule, which we never have enough).
There is no doubt regarding the psychotherapeutic value of the Sanitary Theatre which may provide us — at least for a short time — the possibility of change the usual urban surrounding and with its atmosphere. Physically, 1 minute of stay in the Sanitary Theatre will be equal to at least 10-20 minutes of the usual to us relax. By the power of the impact and its depth — today inaccessible to any other known solution in this field at all.
The author expresses his belief that the research of experience of non-pharmacological treatment of Lux Aeterna Theatre, conducted in recent years by ITMO University in this area (with the involvement also of medical universities in Russia and Hungary) will undoubtedly give a serious impetus to the development of new forms and types of light-color-sound architectural environment of big cities.