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Lux Aeterna Theatre: theatrical stage and science

St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics and Lux Aeterna Theatre: a new artificial medium in the city



Daniel A. Freedman, the founder, artistic and stage director at Lux Aeterna Theatre


The author considers a new type of space: laser full-dome theater and analyzes the characteristics of the therapeutic effects of audio-visual series on the emotional state of the recipient.


Nikolai Matveev, PhD, Creative Lighting Design Department, ITMO University; Eugenia Sitkina, First Medical University, St. Petersburg

Investigation on Lux Aeterna Theatre’s Light & Sound performances impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person. It showed a decrease in anxiety levels and improve emotional state.


Seances of Lux Aeterna Theatre have a favorable impact on the emotional state by parameters such as “health”, “mood”, as well as it reduces the level of anxiety.


An important anti-gravity component of the Lux Aeterna therapeutic performances


You are certain to forget that your body has a weight, volume and is on a solid ground and this is not a quotation from a manual of a miraculous gymnastics, – Taras Vorotnyak, Natural Philosopher, Optical Technologist & Designer.

Light as the best medicine


Attila Kurucz, MPhys, Laser Engineer  & Designer: Light still is the fastest … it is asked how it could not be at the same time the best medicine?

World’s first 360-degree lens very first theatrical premier

Lux Aeterna Theatre was the first who introduced the 360-degree lens as the idea of creating a 360-degree theatre.

Taking this idea, Lux Aeterna has developed and continues to develop a range of concepts (Therapeutic Theatre, Relaxation Theatre, Meditation Theatre, Blind (Sound) Theatre, Break-Station Theatre, Sanitery Theatre) for adaptation in the field of drug-free medicine.

Pal Greguss and Lux Aeterna Theatre stage performance   1989, Uzhgorod, Transcarpathia,  Music and Drama Theater

Pal Greguss, professor, acoustic hologram inventor, NASA prize winner, 360-degree lens inventor (also known as PAL lens): a meeting with the creativity of the Lux Aeterna Theater was for me moment of truth, such as cooperation with NASA.

Art of a Space Age

Art of a Space Age. Bulat Galeyev and Daniel Freedman discussing together

Galeyev and Freedman don’t lose their nerve: the former not only invented a period system of arts,

but can also predict a birth of new arts; the latter has created a Theatre profoundly different from others;

Act: “in a close-up to hear” Galeyev: his theory of “Beautiful Vasilisa”, and “Cheese Phenomenon” relating to a subtle observation by Heine that “If beautiful a woman is unfaithful, if faithful  a woman is not beautiful” and Freedman: on weightlessness in art as well as aspiration to put into practice Scriabin’s words: “I’m in ecstasy all the way, at last, I’ve found myself”.

Bulat Galeyev, Director of Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Aesthetics “Prometheus”, Doctor of Philosophy, professor at Kazany Technical University and Kazany Conservatory.

Daniel Freedman, artistic director (since 1982) of the Lux Aeterna, an author of several concepts: light theatre, light orchestracolour-aroma-sound therapeutic theatre; an organizer of the Practice of Light Arts Conference (Uzhgorod, 1984); dramatist, writer.

Lux Aeterna’s Nights of Museums


Very Special Laser Nights at Nights of Museums


21-22th of May, 2016, St.-Petersburg, Russia

Enrichment process of Science and Art , started in 1983. Lux Aeterna Theatre is signing its first co-operation agreement with scientific institution.

Y. Firtsak: It’s just an amazing luck. Our Research and Technology Center Kvant is located just 100 meters from the the newly opened laser theater. A more successful alliance of science and art can not be imagined. When Daniel Freedman, theatre founder, came to me for the very first time, I immediately gave an instruction to my deputies to prepare an agreement on joint activities. I am extremely happy that my staff attend the theater at lunchtime and after work. Enrichment process started successfully! “Kvant” is developing technical and technological base of the theater, and my team is charged with positive emotions (also we get from the theater team professional feedback on various laser and optical modules).

Prof. Yuri Firtsak, Doctor of Science, Chief at Special Science, Design and Technology Centre KVANT (a structural subdivision of the Uzhgorod State University).

Strong alliance of science, education and modern arts

V. Prokopenko: PhD students, master students, students take an active part in the work of the international artistic project Lux Aeterna Laser Art since 2008, first at the St. Petersburg Planetarium, then using their own mobile geo-dome.


Prof. Viktor Prokopenko, DSc, Head of the Department of Solid State Optoelectronics at ITMO National and Research University, St. Petersburg.

Lux Aeterna Anti-Stress project 


at International Optical Seminar OS-2015


Discussion of practical aspects with the members of the Japanese delegation.



Department of Applied and Computer Optics, OS-2015, St. Petersburg, ITMO University, 2015-May-18-25

Technology for VGoray

The technology was developed in the past 34 years and is in practical usage for the creation and demonstration of laser-light-sound entertainments, relaxation and meditation séances.

The aim of technology is to enable the creation and demonstration of highly original artistic as well as therapeutic content (Lux Aeterna Theatre know-how) for stationary and mobile stage, planetarium, dome, modern art museum, relaxation and concentration room, meditation hall, rehabilitation center, health and medical center, hospital, spa, wellness center, hotel, etc.

  • The system includes a screen, a comfortable seat (seats), “starry sky” projector, light projector, laser projector, an optical plate with the optical and opto-mechanical elements, multichannel surround sound, software
  • The premise includes a projection surface (planetarium, dome hemisphere, panoramic projection screen, etc.), a comfortable seat (seats), an optical pad behind the seats, projectors, remote control. On the circumference – the installation of multi-channel sound
  • The seat has to provide maximum comfort for the whole body
  • The optical pad is a metal plate with drilled holes in the grid and with threaded openings. The drives are positioning the optical elements into the beam or slow-acting control beam with a set of lines. Each line of the laser creates a separate artistic image (light voice)
  • The method, resulting in interference patterns on flat surfaces, is based on the use of accidental phase modulation, which occurs when a laser beam passing through optically heterogeneous mediums is refracted at different points and angles along its way, resulting in interference patterns projected on a screen that change in contour and texture with each change in medium. The medium is made of solid transparent matter (e.g. moving plates of nonuniform structure – usually round discs mounted in a revolving cassette. And as a result, a wide selection of visual character, image, shapes, effect appears on a screen. Or/and an additional lens is used to concentrate the light field. Or/and a transfocators are mounted at the beam’s point of exit. These form-building methods can be used in the same cassettes (to increase image possibilities) with diffraction gratings, curvilinear reflectors or a large moving lens (for the deformation of light imago)
  • The technology provides the ability to visualize the tone, harmony (harmonious development), tonality, and the visualization of music meaningful character, allowing illustrate, emphasize and deepen the thematic development, and thus the whole dramaturgy of the séance, performance
  • Lighting plot involves a complex abstract light ductille movements
  • The projection tool allows to receive on-screen a very complex dynamics of light colorful shapes, to create a light accompaniment by colorful, graphic, structural visualization of thematic development, to unite music, musical sounds, musical noises with light content.
  • It also allows the spatial separation and motion of different audio content, voices, melody and musical instruments
  • The essence of the method itself lies in the possibility of creating a modern non-figurative original content for the entertainment industry and the medical sector


Séances can be conducted manually as well as fully automatized.