Vgoray Well-being Laser Focus: New horizons


The Vgoray Laser Focus method represents a cutting-edge technology that leverages laser interference on flat surfaces to create intricate visual effects. This method, grounded in optical phase modulation, marks a significant advance in the fields of visual art and therapeutic applications.

Artistic Content Creation

This technology opens new horizons for artists, allowing the creation of original works that combine science and art in novel and immersive ways.

Therapeutic Uses

Beyond its artistic applications, the Vgoray Laser Focus method has been harnessed for therapeutic purposes. The generated visual environments have been shown to facilitate relaxation and contribute positively to mental and physical well-being.

Impact on Well-being

Vgoray-Wellbeing sessions exemplify the therapeutic potential of this technology. Participants report significant stress reduction and overall improvements in well-being, underscoring the method’s effectiveness.


The Vgoray Laser Focus method stands out as a versatile tool with wide-ranging applications, from creating unique artistic expressions to offering tangible benefits for health and wellness. Its continued development promises even greater contributions to both fields.

Technology Description

The Vgoray Laser Focus method employs this principle to generate visually stimulating effects. By precisely controlling the optical heterogeneity of the medium, it is possible to design complex interference patterns that are both aesthetically pleasing and capable of inducing therapeutic effects.

Theoretical Background

Optical phase modulation involves the alteration of a light wave’s phase, resulting in the bending of the laser beam’s path as it travels through an optically heterogeneous medium. This differential refraction at various points and angles leads to the formation of distinct interference patterns on a surface or screen.


The Lux Aeterna Theatre, with its rich theoretical and artistic legacy, has embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning its artistic content towards a new dimension of therapeutic engagement. This innovative venture aims to harness the inherent soothing and meditative qualities of its performances for broad application in combating stress, both in general contexts and within the workplace. This short exploration delves into the historical, artistic, and therapeutic facets of the Theatre’s evolution, highlighting its potential to revolutionize the way we perceive and utilize the arts for wellness.

Historical Background

Originating from the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, the Lux Aeterna Theatre sought to synthesize abstract visual and auditory art forms. This period was marked by a fervent exploration of new artistic expressions, aiming to create a holistic sensory experience. The Theatre’s foundation is deeply rooted in these early experiments, striving to transcend traditional boundaries and evoke a realm of uncharted emotions and sensations through its unique performances.

Artistic and Therapeutic Content

At the heart of the Lux Aeterna Theatre’s offerings is the séance, an intricate amalgamation of dramaturgy, scenarios, sound, and light scores. Designed for versatility, these performances are adaptable to various settings, from stationary and mobile stages to more intimate environments like meditation halls and wellness centers. The use of a planetarium dome or a special screen as a stage further enhances the immersive experience, adhering to the Theatre’s guiding principle that artistic sound and light are the quintessential materials for crafting an indissoluble masterpiece.

Technological Innovations

A pivotal aspect of the Theatre’s artistic approach is its innovative use of lasers and optical technologies. The technique of laser interference, in particular, offers spectators an enveloping experience of continuous laser waves, synergistically combined with musical sounds. This method not only serves as a testament to the Theatre’s technical ingenuity but also plays a crucial role in the therapeutic impact of its performances.

Therapeutic Effects

The transformation of the Lux Aeterna Theatre’s content into a therapeutic medium is underpinned by substantial research into its effects on the psycho-physiological state of individuals. Studies utilizing tools such as the Luescher Color Test and the Zung self-rating depression scale have documented significant reductions in anxiety and depression levels among participants, post-performance. These findings not only validate the relaxing and meditative benefits of the performances but also underscore the potential of artistic endeavors in mental health interventions.

Research Methodology

The empirical investigation into the therapeutic efficacy of the Theatre’s performances employed a rigorous methodology, incorporating the Luescher Color Test and the Zung self-rating depression scale as primary instruments. This section would detail the procedures, participant demographics, and statistical analyses used to ascertain the performances’ impact on viewers’ mental well-being.


The Lux Aeterna Theatre’s evolution from an artistic entity to a therapeutic innovator represents a groundbreaking fusion of art and wellness. By leveraging its unique artistic content and technological prowess, the Theatre offers a novel pathway to stress management and mental health improvement. As research continues to unfold the therapeutic potentials of the arts, the Lux Aeterna Theatre stands at the forefront, heralding a new era of artistic engagement with profound health benefits.


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